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January 2021 product updates

We have been busy over the festive period adding in more enhancements to the platform. These have been focused on recent user feedback after our November release and in particular aimed to help property managers and landlords who manage properties for others as well as their own portfolio.

Manage properties for other landlords, here's how we can help?

Many of our Landlord users are managing properties for other landlords. Whether its a friend or family or a company providing management services we can now help. We have added in functionality to the platform to enable you to add multiple landlords in your contacts area and assign these to properties. This will help you help filter and manage properties specific to landlords and provide them with accounts for both income and expense transactions. Some of the new key features include:

  • Create landlords in your contacts area

  • Assign landlords to properties and set yourself as the manager

  • Record income and expense records, from you to the landlord, the tenant to you or you to the landlord.

  • Create monthly accounts for your landlords using the financials and export functions

  • View properties, tenants and accounts specific to a landlord


Set the Landlord within the property wizard, you can select or add a new landlord

landlord details.png

Use the filter on properties so view ones specific to a landlord

landlord property filter.png

Select the landlord within contacts and view their associated properties and their financial transactions. Select the PM view to see the debit contact and the credit contact

financials property manager view.png
coming soon.png

We are adding in a landlord portal so you can invite them to the platform, they can see their properties and you can share documents, invoices etc... and chat with them all in a single platform.

Unit and Room summary information with click through

Our November release gave us the ability to quickly add rooms and units to a property. We have now added in summary information about the composition of the property to include:

  • Number of rentable units/rooms

  • Number occupied

  • Number vacant

This is displayed against the property on your dashboard home page and within the property summary page. You can click each area which will take you to the unit/room list screen filtered to the relevant status. The total count on the property summary page will show you all units/rooms linked to the property.

unit summary.png

Quick add contact function​ 

Based upon user feedback it was not always clear how to add a contact to a tenancy for example. To make this easier and clearer to use we have now added a recent search and add function.

On selection of add tenancy against a property, click into the tenant field. This will present you with a list of your 10 most recently added contacts and an option to add at the bottom of the results. Click this and you can quickly add your tenant using the contact fields. On completion simply save the tenancy record which will add it to the property and generate the relevant transactions based upon the tenancy details.

quick add contact
quick add tenant.png
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