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Facilities Management

Achieve super performance for teams, assets and resources using the Maintenance and Inspection apps

  • ​Equip your team with a platform to improve efficiency and align services

  • Manage assets and equipment to ensure everything is in top order and up to date

  • Ensure Health & Safety are in date with the inspection app

  • Predict maintenance issues and maximise your revenue

  • Provide an efficient, quality service to benefit you and your customers

Take the full platform or just use components alongside your other systems. We’ve got experience managing large implementations from import of data to integration with a myriad of systems
Any time, any place, anywhere
As you’d expect, FM Chief goes where you go. Our modern, cloud-based platform is fast and secure wherever you are.

Simply log in to manage your account. Phones. Tablets. Laptops. Whatever you use, we’re with you when you need us.

Efficient communication in a single platform
Asset Management

Improve the management of assets for their entire lifecycle with servicing reminders and recommended testing cycles

  • Asset register to track assets

  • Record detailed information and asset recommendations

  • Store photos, manuals, servicing requirements and fault finding recommendations

  • Set up regular maintenance and servicing requirements for customers

Health & Safety Management

Health & Safety is a major part of the role of the Facilities Manager and managing the Health & Safety of the site is key to the effective running of the department. Health & Safety is governed by a whole raft of legislation but one of the key ways the Facilities Manager supports the core business is by ensuring that the organisation remains compliant with that legislation.

Using the FM Chief platform enables Health & Safety checks and recommendations all in a single cloud based platform

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People Management

As a Facilities Manager you have a team of people whose responsibility it is to support you in carrying out the many tasks that come under the umbrella of the FM department. The Facilities Manager, therefore, requires an efficient platform to communicate with the team and ensure a professional level of service is provided to your customer.

FM Chief provides a team function and interactive chat function to ensure communication is live and available anywhere on an any device.

Efficient Communication

Good communication is key to managing teams, contractors and customers.

  • A simple Chat function, automated email & sharing of documents
  • Get the full details of all jobs from the start
  • Photo & video supported reporting for customers
  • Easily assign them to the required trades/professionals to resolve quickly
  • Customer portal to share activities, tasks and reports
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Issue and Maintenance Management

Intelligent maintenance tracking software ensuring contractors and team members are prioritising work orders

  • Track and manage work orders

  • Assign and produce task lists for teams and contractors

  • Produce Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

  • Customer portal to raise and view requests

  • Chat and resolve issues remotely

  • Full audit with date and time stamped records

  • Performance monitoring for SLAs

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