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Inspections and checklists

Workers with Safety Vests

Eliminate hand-written reports, mountains of paperwork, and the stress of endless tasks to meet health & safety compliance.


  • Select from a library of checklist templates for all facilities requirements

  • Enjoy a visually intuitive interface that’s super easy to use

  • Assign checks to team members or outside organisations

  • Easily complete and share inspections with management and HR

  • Raise maintenance issues for immediate or scheduled resolution

  • Upload photos and videos for evidence of checks and to assist remedial work

inspection create.png
inspection room.png

See how easy it is to set up and conduct an inspection...

Step 3
Staff or contractor conduct inspection
  • The inspector or staff member selects to conduct the inspection

  • A simple step by step checklist can be completed in order of sequence

  • As they perform the checks they can record the result, adding comments and photos as they go

  • Any maintenance issues? Raise immediately and assign to the relevant trade or staff member

  • Record the inspection is complete and save for review

create inspection type mobile.png
Step 1
Select your inspection checklist
  • Select from a library of pre-defined checklists

  • We can easily create checklists for you from your existing files, PDF, word or excel.

create inspection inspector mobile.png
Step 2
Assign for completion
  • Assign to a member of your team

  • Assign to external inspectors or moderators

  • Schedule for completion

conduct inspection mobile.png
issue management mobile.png
Step 4
Track Maintenance Issues and review
  • Each inspection has associated issues which can all be tracked and managed

  • Management can review issues and put in preventative measures for the future

  • Track trends of issues

  • Schedule the next inspection and your job is done

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