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A guide to getting your property ready for winter

It’s not Beast from the East yet but it’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey already. [Origin of balls off a brass monkey]

However, you might have already shopped for comfy clothes, ready to beat the cold, but what about your property?

Don’t fret, we are here with our top tips for taking care of your property, be it your own or rented out. Because prevention is better than cure, make sure you pass this on to your tenants as well!

1. The good old saviours: heater and radiator

What’s the first thing you do the moment the floor gets too cold to stand on? Turn on the heater. Before you do that, remember, the heater might have collected dust inside from staying off the entire summer, so it is necessary to clean it first. Turn the heating on for at least one hour every day to keep it running smoothly.

If the radiators are cold at the top and only warm at the bottom, it is a sign that they need to be bled to let out the air trapped inside. [See how to bleed a radiator here]

2. Pipe the dust???

Yes, pipes can also freeze to death or in their case, burst. Prevent exposed pipes from getting frozen or bursting from pressure by adding a foam layer called ‘lagging’. Keep them squeaky clean as any green gunk on them can damage the pipes.

3. Boiler effect

You definitely need the boiler to work properly so you can keep enjoying your warm showers. Ensure your boiler’s pressure is not too low and is between 1 and 1.5 bar to prevent the boiler from breaking down.

4. Ventilate with care

We know you might want to keep your windows and curtains closed all the time, but it is important to open them at least for one hour every day to maintain proper ventilation inside the property. This will make sure your ceilings and walls don’t become damp or get covered in mould.

5. Autumn be gone

The time of pumpkin latte is gone, so why keep the autumn leaves behind? As they decompose, they can stain your decking, so dispose of them to avoid slippery surfaces.

Make light of the subject. Install security lighting in the garden and any other areas around the house. This will prevent any accidental slips and also improve security.

6. No one home? No problem.

Just because your tenant is going on a holiday for more than a month does not mean the property should be left uncared for. Ask them to notify you when they do so and that they take proper measures to keep the property in good condition.

7. Drains? Don’t be gutted.

Avoid getting your drains and gutters blocked by autumn leaves by pruning your trees and clearing the fallen leaves out. The cold windy weather makes it easy to blow the leaves in your drain and block them which could make your roof and sides of your house leak.

8. Drip drip goes the water

Check if your tenant knows where the stopcock is located so they are able to shut off the water in case of an emergency.

9. Smoke alarms: saving lives since 1890

Ensure smoke alarms are installed on each floor and are working properly. Carbon monoxide alarms should also be installed in each room if your property has any solid fuel appliances.

10. But, do you have insurance?

Lastly, always get insurance. Even if you try your best to protect your property, you can sometimes not prevent the weather from damaging it. Getting the correct insurance gives you the peace of mind, and something to count on when it all goes wrong.


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